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Hidden Jewels

Finding the Gems in Your Trials

Trial of life. They come to all of us and they hurt. But in these painful moments of our life, precious, priceless, and beautiful jewels are developed. These gems aren't always obvious and easy to find. Only a skilled gem-finder can locate them (and sometimes that takes a lot of time), but they are there, and they are waiting for you to discover them. In Hidden Jewels: Finding the Gems in Your Trials, you will learn how to find the hidden jewels produced by the tumultuous trials you have experienced. Don't wait another day! Uncover the hidden jewels in your life.

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The Truth Behind Real Success

Everyone wants to be a success, but what really is the definition of true success? Is it achieving all your personal goals; attaining the dream job; owning the dream home; and acquiring lots of money, friends, and fame?

It turns out that success is God’s idea. Following His plan will enable you to live a truly successful and satisfying life. His success formula is the only one that can bring real freedom, peace, fulfillment, prosperity, and ultimately a legacy that ends well.

You can live the successful life that God created you for! Open up the pages to this book and find out how!

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The 30-Day Character Challenge

Character. It is what defines us and what determines the direction our life will take. Our character can either be our greatest asset or our worst liability. And it will ultimately help determine whether we fulfill our purpose. The 30-Day Character Challenge will encourage and inspire you with short challenges focusing on a different aspect of character each day. Whether you are just beginning to develop your character or you've been fine-tuning yours for years, you can become who you were created to be - a person of character.

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Peace with Food

Eat What You Want. Never Diet Again. Live a Happy Life.

Life is meant to be enjoyed. If you are constantly distracted by your body image, the scale, exercise, or food, you are being robbed of time and energy you could be investing in other areas of your life. 

Come join the Peace Coaches as they share their journey and reveal how discovering this peace surpassed their wildest dreams. Before you know it, you'll be living it too! 

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